Cervitaurs are centauroids with elf-like torsos and deer-like lower bodies. Common in the cooler northern lands, they're a generally friendly and pleasant people who greatly appreciate what civilization has to offer. Between their surprising robustness and their ability to move quickly without needing a mount, most nations happily include them among their population – the kingdom of Belgrand keeps an elite courier service populated entirely by cervitaurs.

Ability Score Increase: Cervitaurs gain a +2 to either Strength or Dexterity, and a +1 to the other two physical ability scores.

Age: Cervitaurs reach maturity around 20 years of age and can live to around a century.

Alignment: The appreciation of cervitaurs for the advantages of civilization tend to incline them toward a lawful alignment, although there are many free spirits among them.

Size: Cervitaurs are Medium-size creatures, topping out at approximately 6' tall with a slender physique. Their build means that full suits of armor cost an additional 50% to purchase or craft.

Speed: Their base walking speed is 40 feet.

Increased Load: A cervitaur's carrying capacity is multiplied by 1.5×.

Languages: Cervitaurs can speak, read, and write both Common and Elven.


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